Remote CCTV Monitoring Systems - Active Management for CCTV

Using the latest technology and broadband or 3G/4G your CCTV On Site System can be viewed with a mobile device. Remote access to your business premises and assets can provide that ‘hands on’ control from thousands of miles away. It also facilitates management of separate Depots to retain centralised control. This ensures Company procedures are implemented without having to undertake costly, time consuming frequent visits. Avoids the adage, ‘while the cat’s away, the mice will play’.

All systems installed by DJ Byers Ltd are now enabled with this provision as standard. All that is then required is the Broadband and/or involvement of your IT Personnel. Our own Engineers are fully trained to provide this configuration for Customers without a dedicated IT Department and for certain contracts we also offer a service of providing the Broadband Line within the contract.