Physical Security - Gates, Barrier Entry Systems, Turnstiles, Bollards & Fencing

All the above fall into the category of ‘Physical Security’. Electronic Security can integrate with the ‘Physical Barriers’ for a comprehensive site wide solution. Electronic Solutions provide identification and permit authorised access to a site. The Physical Security is a barrier to permit ease of entry to your site.

It makes a statement of intent for both Commercial and Residential applications. We would particularly emphasise the importance of a quality, safe installation. So many are installed at low cost by a ‘one man’ operation. We are still finding sites we survey without the correct safety circuits that are potentially dangerous.

Upgrading is an option available of these installations, following which we can provide a service/maintenance contract for ongoing safe, reliable operation in compliance with current standards.

Access Control Gates
All are installed in compliance with EU Safety Standards with Safety strips and photocells. Existing gates can be upgraded to comply with the standards. Very few sites are the same but we have attached images of several designs. Gates are for site security.

These are only for traffic control. It is a more involved installation requiring excavation of the road to accommodate the rise and fall bollards or vehicle stopper.

Barrier Entry Systems
The speed with which Barriers can be operated makes them ideal at the Entrance to a site. It minimises delays for vehicle movement while providing control. They can be fitted with ‘skirts’ to prevent persons walking under the boom on the barrier.

Installed on sites where high security is essential. Would always incorporate controlled access fobs and normally a camera to record images of the persons. Available painted or in stainless steel.

Preventing persons walking onto the site is the first line of security. We have installed short sections of a few metres to link with Gates / Barriers and up to several kilometres for larger sites. Similar to Gates there are a wide range of different fencing designs and heights. Colour options are also available which can be discussed in our survey.

We will always provide the best guidance to securing your perimeter for the particular application. With many years of experience you are assured of a professional installation and a quality design that will enhance the image of your Company / Premises.

As can be seen from the above, we provide a wide range of designs, colours and options to reflect the commercial image of the customer. Residential sites are very much a bespoke design to blend with the property that is your home.

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