Offsite CCTV Monitoring

Remote Monitoring is the key to rapid response, and a rapid response is the key to protecting your premises 365 days per year. During evenings and weekends, the Control Centre (RVRC) can take control of monitoring your business premises providing a cost effective alternative to Manned Guarding out of hours.

We offer an established, highly reputable and experienced Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC) operating to BS8418 using the very latest technology to ensure that any activation of your CCTV system is communicated to appropriate individuals for a rapid response.

This may be Key Holders, Security Staff, Police or Emergency Services. This response is managed for you by the monitoring centre day and night, all year round, giving you complete peace of mind.

Tailored Surveillance
To meet the individual needs of your business. For Health & Safety, Line Monitoring, Lone Worker or Site Security/Site Access, your business can be monitored to suit your precise requirements.

Visible and Audio Deterrent
Integrated Public Address to alert potential intruders of imminent police response.

Optional Key-Holding Facility
You know someone will always respond and liaise with emergency services if required.

Remote Monitoring of Gates, Barriers and Doors
Observation and Control of perimeter access for 24 hour sites. By entering pass codes or calling our 24/7 monitoring station and by verifying identity and confirming their password access can be granted remotely.

Protecting Staff, Premises and Assets
Safeguarding your investment in people and business, particularly Lone Worker

Pro Active Monitoring of Systems
Daily download activity, weekly audio testing and monthly lighting level assessment re-enforces our preventative maintenance approach.

Continual Line / System Checks
Automated Polling and alert of any line connection failure from your premises.

Dual Path Signalling Option
Where available option of dual path signalling via 4G or similar in event of landline failure.

GSM Equipment Monitoring
All Off Site Systems include GSM and GPS signalling for reference of the mains operating at site. Also facilitates remote access of the detection system for service analysis at our Offices.