Megapixel CCTV Cameras

Analogue CCTV is legacy technology dating back as far as the 1940s. Over the years the resolution has increased up to 960H which is available today. This can still have its benefits with simplicity of use for ‘manned’ CCTV, but on Playback of recordings the image quickly pixelates with blurry images. With the arrival of IP CCTV several years ago, the ability to provide an increased resolution in both live and recorded detail was available. The initial limiting factor was Hard Drive storage. Currently CCTV HDDs are now available with increasing capacity. The IP CCTV market has significantly advanced over this period evolving into Megapixel IP; DJ Byers Ltd has kept up to date alongside providing the latest in Megapixel IP technology to our valued customers.

The current benefits of Megapixel IP over Analogue resolutions range from significant to vast. We offer systems from a base line of 3MP up to 40M. However a Megapixel CCTV system can only provide these high levels of detail if the supporting infrastructure has been designed correctly and is of a quality manufacture.

All DJ Byers Design teams and Engineers are Cisco CCNA certified and have years of experience in providing customers with high quality reliable systems which deliver. Our customers will recognise the benefits of their knowledge and ability in delivering Megapixel CCTV. This is not as simple to provide as analogue. There are so many completed systems failing to provide what customers expected. That is where our knowledge through training is crucial.

Customers are benefitting from a DJ Byers Ltd Engineered Megapixel Systems including the following applications:

  • Food preparation
  • Production Line Monitoring with advanced analytics
  • Glass Production
  • Education and student monitoring
  • Product tracking integrated with barcode systems
  • Perimeter detection
  • External building monitoring
  • Thermal analytical detection
  • Multisite Enterprise solutions
  • Radar integrated solution