Residential CCTV Installation

So how far do you need to secure your home and family?

Most homes now have a basic Intruder Alarm as a Siren Only – hopefully, this will deter an intruder and probably alert a few neighbours. It provides a level of security to instil confidence which you set before retiring to bed. The next level is to have remote monitoring.

There are hundreds of thousands of Intruder Alarms that are remotely monitored at an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). These systems need to be installed to a more strict code of practice to avoid false alarms. Completed by SSAIB and NSI Certified Companies the Police offer a Unique Reference Number (URN). They are aware that an alarm is most likely genuine so attend your property on that basis having been contacted by the ARC.

The link to the ARC is clearly the best option BUT the Intruder Alarm is only “set” when the owner is away from home or has retired to bed. As can be seen on TV programmes and press reports the Intruders are less likely to visit when the system is active – would you?
In response to the situation of what to do for improved security when your family is at home but not in bed or to provide added protection before a break-in occurs, CCTV is now a popular choice.

So internet search on “CCTV” and low cost seemingly high-performance DIY systems are occupying multiple pages. Again many such systems are installed. Sitting at home if a noise is heard outside, check on the camera view and you may see an Intruder. Alternatively, that introduction may be as your vehicle is driven off the driveway or as they arrive in your home!

Now you have a situation where the Intruder Alarm is unset, the Panic Button probably not accessible, the Intruder(s) in your home aware you have the cameras. They will most probably be wearing clothing which is not easily identified but will now be demanding to know also where the CCTV Recorder is in your home. Why would they leave the evidence?

But for certain properties and individuals, this is not satisfactory. The demand is for integrated security providing assurance that the cameras are remotely “event monitored”. Proactive response to Intruders on your property – not in your home -with a directed audio announcement delivers that assured measured challenge. The intention is not to apprehend but to deter the intruder from remaining on your property. This addresses the risk.

This also provides external security to your home and surroundings when you leave for work or holiday. When you arrive home the knowledge that your arrival will be monitored at the Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC). You may also have electric entrance gates as further security that we can also design and integrate!

What does the monitored CCTV System provide that is not possible with your Intruder Alarm? When you arrive home and close the door, set the CCTV System. While you sit down to relax and watch TV with the family, any movement detected outside your home will alert the RVRC. It may be an attempt to steal your car, break into your garage or your home. The intruders will be challenged by the RVRC Operator.

Deterrent is the most effective prevention! For further details please visit our Contact Us page.