It would be very easy to provide these of completed systems. At that point the customer will undoubtedly be very satisfied. The new system will either be the first CCTV Coverage or an upgrade on an existing system. More important is how that system is maintained and the quality of service offered in the following years. Too many Companies are simply ‘order chasing’ and forgetting the importance of long term customer service.

Yes we provide a questionnaire for every customer’s comments on completion of a system, but equally important after every service we also provide a single tick box 10 point questionnaire. DJ Byers Ltd is committed not just to the initial installation but also the long term knowledgeable servicing of our Customers’ Systems. This is also why we are continually expanding our customer base maintaining systems where the original installation company has ‘lost interest’ after the initial sale.

Below are a few comments from our Customers along with the period of time associated with DJ Byers Ltd. Simply click on the lines below for full testimonials!

"We received a quote for improvement to current CCTV system. Very happy with service provided."

Air Products Company (DJ Byers’ client for 1 year)

"Great service and engineers were very polite & helpful."

Manufacturing Company (DJ Byers’ client for 1 year)

"Keen prices, good service and valuable after sales!"

Academy (DJ Byers’ client for 10 years)

"All aspects Excellent!"

National Cabin Manufacturer (DY Byers’ client for 7 years)

"Professional & efficient service was provided"

Furniture Manufacturer (DJ Byers’ client for 10 years)

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