It would be very easy to provide these of completed systems. At that point the customer will undoubtedly be very satisfied. The new system will either be the first CCTV Coverage or an upgrade on an existing system. More important is how that system is maintained and the quality of service offered in the following years. Too many Companies are simply ‘order chasing’ and forgetting the importance of long term customer service.

Yes we provide a questionnaire for every customer’s comments on completion of a system, but equally important after every service we also provide a single tick box 10 point questionnaire. DJ Byers Ltd is committed not just to the initial installation but also the long term knowledgeable servicing of our Customers’ Systems. This is also why we are continually expanding our customer base maintaining systems where the original installation company has ‘lost interest’ after the initial sale.

Below are a few comments from our Customers along with the period of time associated with DJ Byers Ltd. Simply click on the lines below for full testimonials!

D J Byers have been involved with our College to deliver the best security solution for over 10 years

The main College is close to the Centre of Chesterfield, a town renowned for the “crooked spire”. It provides courses for over 8000 full and part time Students and Apprentices across the four Campuses of the College. With such a large site complex the security for the Staff and Students has been an integral benefit developed over many years.

As Eric Hadley (Security Manager) comments, “Providing a safe environment for all persons in the College and Campus is an important benefit. D J Byers Ltd have been involved with our College to deliver the best security solution for over 10 years”. Our initial involvement was taking over a failing system that had most of the correct equipment, but the Provider did not understand either the equipment or CCTV design. A good analogy would be the Morecambe & Wise sketch where he comments “I’m playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order!”

At the first meeting in 2003 Eric found a different approach from alternative Providers. “Instead of recommending a complete replacement, D J Byers Ltd appreciated that the College would still benefit from the equipment purchased. Their proposal for relocating existing cameras and re-configuring of the control equipment in a few days delivered a satisfactory solution. This was a considerable saving on the alternative proposals”. From this initial small scale involvement when VCRs not DVRs were the norm, the systems have expanded considerably.

The present system has a bespoke Control Room designed by D J Byers Ltd. This incorporates multiple screens and recording facilities via both DVRs and NVRs for the Megapixel cameras. Though the very latest recording and resolution is available for the “front end” Control Room staff operation, an analogue 96 channel Matrix delivers simple instant response to situations.

“That the College is still able to benefit from cameras installed by D J Byers Ltd several years ago, alongside the very latest Megapixel cameras with easy operation for the College Security Team is crucial. We are always kept informed of Security developments where it would be of benefit. There is an assurance from the Engineers attending they are always trained on the products and safe working with the full support of their Office. With our responsibility for over 8000 Students and Staff, safe working is a major concern. D J Byers Ltd from their first involvement have always owned and provided Cherry Pickers for safe access to high level cameras with comprehensive safety training of their Engineers” commented Eric.

Chesterfield College is a good example of working with the customer to determine what is possible within budgets and expectations. At each stage we have considered where CCTV is progressing to avoid expenditure in technology that quickly becomes redundant. That is why the College is still operating some of the cameras from the early days which though the image is not a multi-Megapixel resolution, for that position is satisfactory for its intended purpose. Understanding a customer’s purpose for a system – even with such an extensive coverage as Chesterfield College – is the key to delivering a cost effective solution.

It was refreshing to find a Security Company that delivered on its promises

The Freeston Academy was originally established as a Grammar School in 1952. It moved to its current extensive site in the 1950s. In November 2011 the School became the Freeston Academy for 11 – 16 year old students. There is also a Sports Complex serving both the Academy and the Local Community with which there are close links.

DJ Byers Ltd first became associated with Freeston in the late 1990s. After several meetings and proposals a system design was provided to meet the School’s requirements. Unfortunately a further requirement was that there had to be a tender process with three companies involved. The stipulation at that time was the lowest tender would win. Our proposal was “a few hundred pounds” more expensive. Another Company installed the system designed by our Company and “locked” the School into a three year contract.

The School was disappointed not to have progressed with our Company. Contact was re-established in the third year of what had not been a successful period by the Competitor Company. Image quality was poor, storage times low, no download of images was readily available and installation standards were poor. At the first meeting on checking the systems installed it was apparent they had not matched the specification of our own proposal – hence the saving. This is a familiar scenario which as a customer is difficult to appreciate fully the commitment of DJ Byers Ltd to deliver an “Engineered Solution”.

We “took over” the systems in 2004 and worked with the School and later the Academy to initially improve the original inadequate system. Cameras were changed from medium to high resolution. Low Voltage Power Supplies were uprated to adequately operate cameras. CD Writers were fitted to permit downloading of images. The installation was of a poor standard with a few serious issues uncovered that our Engineers immediately rectified. As the then Site Manager commented “it was refreshing to find a Security Company that delivered on its promises”.

With the initial emphasis on the internal and external surveillance there was interest in part of our original proposal for external remote monitoring out of hours. The School had invested in physical security with perimeter fencing and gates but having a pro-active deterrent via an Operator at the RVRC was considered important.

The Off Site Monitoring was a further upgrade. A few years later in one of our meetings the Site Manager produced a graph showing the benefits of the various expenditure for securing the School. The last and comparatively least expensive addition was the Remote Monitored CCTV but it showed the most significant drop in out of hours vandalism.

The current Site Manager arrived as the Academy was progressing changing to Megapixel and High Resolution Analogue Systems. From his previous involvement in industry there was understandable scepticism at the five year maintenance contract. But he had not previously had “pro-active” maintenance.

When the Megapixel NVR failed we replaced with a new uprated design within the contract. He commented “As DVRs have failed DJ Byers Ltd have not simply repaired and maintained the same performance. They are actually progressively replacing legacy analogue DVRs with new high resolution units within the contract at no additional cost to the Academy. I was initially sceptical of the contract but have been genuinely surprised how DJ Byers Ltd will endeavour to include the upgrading that most suppliers would consider chargeable”.

DJ Byers delivered a working system in the short time period and no further thefts occurred

As Selwoods Estates Manager Ian Brain emphasises “Our introduction to DJ Byers Ltd was in 2000. They were a recommendation from our Leeds Branch Manager. He had previously managed a site where DJ Byers Ltd had installted an Off Site Remote Monitored System. Since its installation there had been no thefts from the site. I contacted DJ Byers Ltd urgently requiring a solution as a diesel theft and spillage had been caused by intruders. They delivered a working system in the short time period ready for Christmas. No further thefts occurred”.

The recommendation is often our introduction to new customers. From that first site and a quick turnaround, Ian has on many occasions asked for challenging completion dates close to Christmas. Each time we had delivered to secure the premises with Off Site CCTV Monitoring. The majority of the Selwood sites are now CCTV Remote Monitored with the coverage and systems evolving through the years.

“With DJ Byers Ltd so often they are actively keeping Selwoods informed of situations we would not be conversant without the CCTV. They have pro-actively introduced monthly lighting checks, ADSL line checks, remote logging of site settings, among other “no cost” improvements. Price is always a factor but that we have remained with DJ Byers Ltd for over 15 years is an endorsement of the service delivered in that period”.

A recent change on the sites has been upgrading of cameras to include infra red LED illumination. This type of camera was not available at the time of the first Leeds Site. The benefit to Selwoods is an immediate saving on the night time out of hours illumination. The cameras still have satisfactory illumination but there is no light pollution from the site and reduced energy bills. As Ian says “this is a further win-win situation for Selwood Sites instigated by DJ Byers Ltd”.

Selwoods will be celebrating 70 years of trading in 2016. It operates a nationwide network of depots supplying predominantly Pump Sales and Hire. They are the premier provider of this service in the UK. With over 400 Staff delivering in depth technical knowledge serving Water, Environmental and Construction Industries. When you see pumps clearing floodwater on news reports, most likely it will be another successful Selwood Installation!

On site systems for Health & Safety / Security combined with Off Site Monitoring for Portakabin

The name Portakabin is synonymous with quality buildings. It is an industry standard for both temporary and prestigious permanent Office accommodation and many similar inter-related facilities. With a Head Office and Manufacturing facility based in York, Portakabin provide full UK Coverage from their many Depots.

DJ Byers Ltd first involvement was at the Head Office Site in 2007. Unfortunately a comparatively recent installation by a CCTV Company had not delivered the expected performance. Over several meetings we outlined the issues with the installation that required attention to resolve. This also provided an assurance to the site services we could deliver where the previous Company had not fulfilled their promise. The works progressed to resolve the issues and provide a satisfactory solution which the previous Company had not achieved in their tenure.

Over the following years we continued to service, maintain and improve the Head Office CCTV System. In 2011 it was decided to extend the CCTV Coverage to several of Portakabin’s Depots throughout the UK. These would involve both on site systems for Health & Safety / Security combined with Off Site Monitoring. Though we had been providing the Head Office Service for five years, our Company’s operational and financial structures were scrutinised prior to proceeding. We also provided guidance on the Off Site Remote Monitoring for Intruder / CCTV.

As the Portakabin person responsible for this project, David Gregg, commented “DJ Byers Ltd consistently delivered a proffessional service from initial survey through to a working system. The honest comprehensive approach with prompt attention to my queries was a refreshing change from previous Security Providers. They were also very helpful in guidance for Remote Monitoring of the Portakabin Depots”.

Off Site Monitored CCTV System for Berwin and Berwin

As manufacturers and stockists of some of the most iconic clothing brands on the high street, Berwin and Berwin are a successful highend Company. The brands include Paul Costello, Daniel Hechter and many other prestigious Highstreet Brands along with Berwin’s own well known range. With such a desirable portfolio of brands it was critical that the Security Provider could equal the expectations of Berwins own Customers.

The Site Manager, Garry Wilson, who has been with Berwins for over fifteen years was very selective in Companies invited to provide solutions. He wanted “National Options” but also DJ Byers Ltd which, established in 1983, had at the proposal stage been in business for over 20 years. Garry advised our successful proposal “provided the comfort of an established reputable Company with continuity delivering a grounded solution for the needs of Berwins”.

The initial system was for an Off Site Monitored CCTV System. This proved successful in its intended aim of deterring intruders approaching the building. It also assisted in restoring Police Response to the internal Intruder Alarm. Any false alarms from that system could be first verified with the CCTV cameras before involving the Police. The system has evolved over the ten years. Recently Garry was able to exit a “lengthy” contract from a “National Provider” and also place the Intruder Alarm Contract and Controlled Access with DJ Byers Ltd.

“There will always be particular issues with security as it is a constantly moving target. With DJ Byers Ltd I have always had a first class service. The confidence the Directors have in their engineered systems is that I can still phone their mobile phones, which is often to thank them for helpful engineers. This would not have been possible with our previous Security Providers” commented Garry.

"Extremely prompt service, very pleased with the speed from contact to completion."

Filter Manufacturing Company (DJ Byers’ client for 10 years)

"Very professional."

Large Quarry (DJ Byers’ client for 8 years)

"I always get good prior warning of such visits and the engineer (Andy) is always on time, understands what needs doing and has great ‘systems knowledge."

High Security Laboratories (DJ Byers’ client for 8 years)

"As per usual excellent service"

National Haulage Company (DJ Byers’ client for 2 years)

"Delighted with the service you provide. Your camera type/access arrangements schedule has proved very useful. Thank you."

School (DJ Byers’ client for 1 year)

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