Our Policy - Your Assurance

We know that each of our clients will have individual needs and we are able to respond to these by designing and installing the right system for your business. Security is a significant issue and it is therefore important in this challenging climate that your investment is placed in safe hands.

Our Customer Service focused Company can offer a wealth of experience and technical knowledge with commitment which remains for many years after the first installation.

The difference for Engineers at DJ Byers Ltd is that, unlike many other similar sized Companies, the Management and Directors all have direct ‘hands on’ knowledge and expertise. This feeds into all aspects of an Engineer’s activity. The pre-build / test in our Workshop is continually assessed and managed to ensure it is to a high standard. Engineers are well aware of the huge advantage of having such a depth of knowledge and experience across all aspects of their work. At DJ Byers Ltd we positively encourage our Engineers to enrol on personal improvement /technical courses, which delivers tangible benefits both to our Engineers and our Customers.

Service and Maintenance visits are electronically operated to assist Clients with similar data storage that is increasingly expected for their own internal audits.